HCCTC Public Health and Safety Students Learn Pet CPR and First Aid

The Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center in Huntingdon, PA learned how to provide emergency care to dogs and cats during a class training session with Pet Emergency Education Advocate Jennifer Hampton recently.

Jennifer along with her service dog Wellie spoke to the class about pet first aid, CPR and basic life support skills and how important prompt emergency response is in order to allow time to get the animal safely to a veterinary clinic.  Public health and safety instructor Crist Fellman invited Jennifer and her dog to speak at the class.  Fellman stated “There have been lots of times where we’ve had to pull a family dog or cat out of an emergency.  You do all sorts of odds and ends you think might be the right thing to do and hope for the best.  This is the first training I’ve seen on how to do it the right way”. The class was featured in the Huntingdon Daily News and Pet Emergency Education was proud to have the opportunity to work with the students.

Credits: April Feagley, Huntingdon Daily News

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