by Amy D’Andrea MEd, CVT For many years, the American Heart Association has developed and disseminated guidelines on how best to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on people experiencing cardiac arrest. Even though the skill of performing CPR is vital in emergency situations where warranted, no such evidence-based guidelines on Pet CPRRead More →

by Amanda Hackerott RVT, Certified Pet CPR Instructor As our pets are members of our family, it makes sense that more and more of them are going on holiday or taking a vacation with their humans. We, as animal parents, are willing to go through the veterinary exams, health certificateRead More →

by Amanda Hackerott RVT Birds are just such fun pets and are coming up on the list of most commonly owned pets in American homes. They, as well as any other animal in your house, should have an escape plan in case of an emergency. Being prepared can increase theRead More →

As the snow begins to melt and the spring air warms, spending time outdoors starts to increase.  Knowing your plants and which ones are poisonous is crucial to keeping your pets safe.  Cats love to gnaw on green leafy things, and some dogs insist on eating anything growing.  Our petsRead More →

By Katherine Novak, Certified Pet CPR Instructor Are you thinking about getting a second dog?  Let’s go over the reasons for this decision.  Is it because you feel like your dog needs someone to keep him company during the day while you are gone?  Is it because you are goneRead More →